Colorado State Match
June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2019
Montrose Colorado

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2019 Colorado State Cowboy Action Overall Results

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2019 Colorado State Cowboy Action Category Results

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Who's Coming
Alberta Annie LS Canada
Alvira Sullivan Earp LSS Australia
Angry Tom SS Colorado
Anval G Blacksmith SGF Colorado
Aspen Filly LBW Colorado
Aspen Wrangler BW Colorado
Avery Wade GF Colorado
Awfull Ernie SGF Colorado 
Babe Ruthless L49er Colorado
Big Dave FCD Colorado
Bijou Blade FCD Colorado 
Blazen Vaquero CC Colorado
Bloody Dave Stout SS Arizona
Bob Wire Rich S Colorado
Brother Chuck S Colorado
Brushy Creek Bill SGF Texas
Buckeye Al CB Colorado
Bulldog Ric SS Colorado
Burgandy Ballou LFC Colorado
Buzzard Walking S Colorado
Cat Tracker SS Colorado
Cerveza Slim CTB Colorado
Charley T Postelwaite CC Arizona
Cobra Cat CB Colorado
Colorado Big Al D Colorado
Columbine LSS Colorado
Cool Hand Cos ES Colorado
Copperhead Clara Bkt Colorado
Corkscrew Sam W Colorado
Cpl Quayne SD Arizona
Dead Lee ES Nevada
Deadly Downunder  GF Austraslia
Desert Eagle FC Colorado
Dixie Bell LD Uath
Doc Carnegie W Australia
Doc Wiskey S Colorado
Duelly S Colorado
Dusty Garnet CG Utah
Evil Morgan D Colorado
G W Rider CC Colorado
Gateway Kid S Colorado
Grizzly Grumps SS Australia
Henry Moon  FC Australia
Hey Grandpa EP Oregon 
High Noon Henry 49er North Carolina
Hulahan Bob EP Colorado
Hurricane Camille  GD Colorado
Ironbelle LSS Colorado
J.M.Brown SD North Carolina
Jackaroo ES Australia
John Chisum ES Colorado
Juan Bad Hombre B Western Utah
K C Woody SGF Australia
Kathouse Kelli LW Australia
Kenny Reds CTB Arizona
Kid Canyon S Colorado
Kid Rich FCD Arizona
Kitty Carbine LS Colorado
Kodiak Kid  S Colorado
Lady Bulldog LGF Colorado
Lefty Jo LSS Colorado
Lil Chickadee LS Colorado
Little Bit 49er Colorado
Little Bit's Honey L49er Colorado
Longbranch S Colorado
Lucy Trigger LS Colorado
Ma Wrangler LW Colorado
Mad Dog Too CTB Colorado
Mar-Lynn LGF Texas
Marshal Jack Murphy SD Colorado
Mesa Belle LS Colorado
Miss BJ LGF Colorado
Misty Rider  GD Colorado
Mountain Menace SD Colorado
Never Meta Stranger CG Nevada
Nitro Griff W Colorado
Oak Creek Martin 49er Colorado
Paladin Pete CTB Colorado
Phantom FCD Colorado
Phillips 49er Australia
Pick W  Colorado
Piedra Kidd   SD Colorado
Pinewood Kid 49er Texas
Pinewood Rose L49er Texas
Pinto Being BW Colorado
Pistol Packin Nana LS Colorado
Pleasant Valley Kid W Arizona
Prairie Storm LS Canada
Ramblin Rose LCTB Colorado
Ric-A-D-Split FC Colorado
Ridgway Plinker SS Colorado
Rooster Rick S Colorado
Rosita Gambler EP Colorado
Rowdy Lane CTB Arizona
Rufus Thorton ES Australia
Sam Balin D Australia
San Juan  CTB Colorado
Sapinero SS Colorado
Sassy Mountain Mama CG Colorado
Scarlet Rebel LFC Colorado
Scary Indian Dude W Colorado
Section Hand CTB Australia
Semi Colon 49er Colorado
Shirttail Bess LFC Arizona
Short Fingered Bill CC Canada
Shot Z Lady CBL Orgen
Shotgun Shell LSS Colorado
Sister Sarah Carnegie LGF Australia
Sixgun Louie SD Colorado 
Sixty Nine Cent Wizard CTB Colorado
Slim Spurs CB Colorado
Slippery Rock Bass SS Colorado
Sonora Blaze LBW Colorado
Southwest Trapper CC Canada
Spades D Colorado
Star Dancer LSS Colorado
Stumble Leena  LS Colorado
Sweet Shot Sue L49er Arizona
T.L. CB Uath
The Dutchman CB Colorado
Til Lizzy LS Colorado
Tolinka LD Colorado
Tom Cat Spencer CB New Mexico
Tommyknocker Sixgun W Colorado
Trigger Happy Ted SGF Colorado
Troublesome Red Bkt Colorado
Turquoise Queen LW Colorado
Union Jack 49er Colorado
Virgil Earp SD Australia
Wooden Nichols SGF Utah
Wrangler Ron EP Colorado
X Mark SS Colorado

San Juan Range​​
19878 Dave Wood Road
Montrose CO 81403


Friday, June 7th 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m.  Shooters Registration...

SIDE Matches
12:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m.  22 pistol and rifle, speed pistol, speed rifle, speed shotgun, pocket pistol, derringer, long range pistol, long range rifle pistol caliber, long range rifle repeater, long range rifle single shot.
Stage from Hell $2.00 all proceeds for the SASS Scholarship fund. First run for Trophy. Subsequent runs for $2.00 for the I bought it trophy.
4:00 p.m. Posse Marshall walk through

Saturday: June 8th 7:00 a.m.  Shooter Registration Continues
7:30 Shooter meeting 6 main stages after shooters meeting.


Side Matches
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  22 pistol and rifle, speed pistol, speed rifle, speed shotgun, pocket pistol, derringer, long range pistol, long range rifle pistol caliber, long range rifle repeater, long range rifle single shot.

Stage from Hell $2.00 all proceeds for the SASS Scholarship fund. First run for Trophy. Subsequent runs for $2.00 per run for the I bought it trophy.

Sunday: June 9th

8:00   NO SHOOTERS MEETING (All Posse Leaders will meet in front of office to get score books at 7:45.   
 6 main stages after Posse has arrived at stage.

Lunch after stage completion.

Top Gun Shoot off

Awards to follow! All door prize drawings.  Must be a registered shooter and present to win.

​Yard Sale 
There will be space under the covered area if you have items you would like to sell or trade. It will be the individuls responsibility for their own items placed out. This will be available from Friday through Sunday.

Baroness    B
Buckarette    BKT  8-12
Buckaroo    BKO  8-12
B-Western    BW
Cattle Baron     CTB
Cattle Baroness  LCB
Classic Cowboy    CC
Classic Cowgirl    CCG
Cowboy    CB
Cowgirl    CG
Duelist    D
El Patron    EP
Elder Statesmen    ES
Forty-Niner    49er
Frontier Cartridge    FC
Frontier Cartridge Duelist    FCD
Frontiersman    FT
Grand Dame    GD
Gunfighter    GF
La Patrona    LP
Lady B-Western    LBW
Lady Duelist    LD
Lady Forty-Niner    L49
Lady Frontier Cartridge    LFC
Lady Frontier Cartridge Duelist    LFD
Lady Gunfighter    LGF
Lady Senior    LS
Lady Silver Senior    LSS
Lady Wrangler    LW
Lady Young Gun    LYG
Senior    S
Senior Gunfighter SGF
Senior Duelist    SD
Silver Senior    SS
Wrangler    W
Young Gun    YG


Side Matches​

Held Friday June 7, 2019 from 12pm to 4pm and again Saturday June 8, 2019 from 1pm to 4 pm

22 Pistol
22 Rifle
Speed Pistol
Speed Rifle
Speed Shotgun
Pocket Pistol
Long Range Pistol
Long Range Rifle (Pistol Caliber)
Long Range Rifle (Repeater)
Long Range Rifle (Single Shot)
Stage from Hell to benefit the S.A.S.S. Scholarship fund. $2.00 per run. First run is for score and all other runs are for the I bought it award. All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund.

Shooter Protest

If a call is made against a shooter on a stage, the shooter should first make guns safe.  Then if a discussion with the RO does not remedy the situation, the shooter may appeal a ruling by notifying the Posse Marshal or RO prior to leaving the stage in dispute. 

Shooter will complete a provided protest form and post a $25 protest fee.  A panel of three match officers will review the appeal.

Proper Time for Protest - The judges will be assembled as quickly as possible to rule on the protest before the posse leaves the stage.  However, if time is short, the posse will proceed to the next stage and the judges will poll witnesses with as little interruption to their shooting as possible.

Ruling upheld (Original call stands) - $25 forfeited to the San Juan Steel Fund
Ruling overturned (Error removed or re-shoot granted) - $25 returned to the protestor.


Range Rules

All competitors are safety officers.  If you see an unsafe act, bring it to the attention of the shooter or a Range Officer.  Be polite and use “Your inside voice.  Most of the time a gentle nudge works better than “in your face confrontation.”
1) The Siege at Mission de San Juan is conducted in accordance with the rules set forth by the Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.), the San Juan Rangers.  All competitors are expected to be familiar with the SASS rule book and all rules posted in this book. 

2) All firearms are to remain unloaded until the competitor is at a loading table.  Loading and unloading will be conducted only in designated areas.
3)  Eye protection is mandatory for ALL competitors and spectators.  Hearing protection is recommended for competitors and spectators.

5) Long Guns must be carried with the muzzles up and actions open unless proceeding to the firing line.
6) There shall be 3 spotters present if possible.   All hits-misses will be awarded by the Majority of the spotters.   If you wish to challenge any call made against you, you must deposit $25 dollars CASH into the hands of the range master.  If the call goes your way, you get your $25 back, if it doesn’t, it will be donated to the San Juan Steel fund.
7) Down Range....At the Siege at Mission de San Juan, the loading and unloading tables are faced into high berms.  If you hear “Down Range” it means to be mindful of your muzzle direction.  You may keep loading and unloading unless a cease fire is called.  If there is a shooter on the firing line with loaded guns and there is a down range called, Shooter will put firearm muzzle in a safe direction, and a spotter will watch until the “all clear” is given.  Cease Fire means exactly what it says!  

8) We do not have a DQ Forward Rule for the side matches.
9)The Sass Stage Conventions are in effect for all main stages and side matches.  

10) It is the shooters responsibility to load the correct amount for that stage.  It is the shooters responsibility to make sure their guns are clear.   Not following loading and unloading procedures can lead to a Stage DQ, Match DQ.  
11) If a malfunction of your Rifle, Shotgun or either pistol is declared. You may declare unsafe, ground it, or hand it off.  Please do not GUNSMITH on anyone’s gun unless asked.  Do not MOVE anyone’s firearm with a round on the carrier, or in the chamber until the shooter and TO has acknowledged the violation.  Do not TOUCH a Shotgun or Rifle on the Firing line if it closes, that is the shooters responsibility.  Sass has a rule for this, please adhere to it.  
12) No Spencer Rifles are allowed for Cowboy Action Shooting on our range.  

Long Range

June 7th and 8th, 1:00 pm

Long Range Pistol: 5 Rounds at 50 yds.

Long Range Pistol Caliber: 10 Rounds at 50 yds

Long Range Single Shot/ Rifle Caliber: 10 Rounds, at 200 yds.

Long Range Repeater/ Rifle Caliber: 10 Rounds,  at 100 yds

Penalties Overview

 There are five types of Penalties in SASS matches: 5-second penalties, 10-second penalties, Stage Disqualification penalties, Match Disqualification penalties, and Failure to Engage/Spirit of the Game penalties.  For a more in-depth understanding of all penalties, please attend a SASS RO 1 Course.
5-SECOND PENALTIES   Misses are 5-Second penalties.  Revolver, rifle, and shotgun targets must be engaged with the appropriate type of firearm.  A MISS is defined as the failure to hit the appropriate target type using the appropriate type of firearm and includes:   - Each missed target.   - Each unfired round.   - Inadvertently left rounds in a revolver are misses, unless there is an unfired round   under the hammer, in which case it is a Stage DQ.     - Each target hit with an incorrect firearm – either intentionally or by mistake.   - Each target hit with illegally acquired ammunition.    

10-SECOND PENALTIES   10-second penalties include “Procedural” (P) penalties and Minor Safety Violations (MSV).  Procedural errors are simple, unintentional mistakes made as a result of “brain fade” or confusion, where the competitor engages the stage in a way other than how it was intended.  Procedural penalties cannot exceed one per stage.  Minor Safety Violations (MSV) are lesser safety infractions that do not directly endanger persons.       Procedural (P) infractions include:   - Failure to attempt to fire a firearm, engage a prop, or perform a stage maneuver.   - Shooting targets in the wrong order.   - Engaging the stage in the wrong order.   - Use of illegally acquired ammunition.   - Not returning revolvers to leather (unless otherwise specified).   - First offense in the same match for “shooting out of category.”     Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions include:   - Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.    - Open, empty long guns that slip and fall – but do not break the 170° safety rule or sweep anyone.   - Cocking a revolver before it reaches 45° down range.  

STAGE DISQUALIFICATION PENALTY (SDQ) A Stage Disqualification (SDQ or “Stage DQ”) is generally a safety violation of a more serious nature and means the competitor’s time and performance on the course of fire is disqualified as a result of the violating action by the shooter.    - Shooting on the move (continuous, fluid movement while engaging targets).   - Any dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line.   - Long guns that slip, fall, and break the 170°.   - Violation of the 170° Safety Rule/Failure to maintain appropriate muzzle control. - Any discharge that hits the ground or non-expendable stage prop 5 – 10 feet from the shooter. - Returning a revolver to leather with the hammer not fully down on a spent round or empty chamber.   - A cocked revolver leaving the shooters hand.   - A live round left in the chamber of a long gun.   - Second offense, in the same match, for “shooting out of category.”   - Changing location/moving with a live round under a cocked hammer or firearm with the hammer down on a live round.   - Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked.   - Unsafe firearm handling.   - Loading at other than the designated loading position or firing line.   - Use of an illegal or illegally modified firearm.   - Holstering or staging a revolver with the hammer down on a live round.   - Sweeping anyone with an unloaded firearm.   - Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures.   - Leaving the firing line once the stage has begun for any reason.   - Dry firing at the loading or unloading areas.   - De-cocking a revolver, rifle, or hammered shotgun without positive direction to do so from the CRO/TO.    

MATCH DISQUALIFICATION PENALTIES (MDQ) A Match Disqualification (MDQ or “Match DQ”) penalty is of the most serious in nature, and means the shooter puts his/her firearms away and is done shooting for the duration of the match.     - Two accumulated Spirit of the Game assessments.   - Two accumulated SDQ penalties (even on the same stage). *This does not apply to a single action that carries multiple penalties (e.g. breaking the 170° with an unloaded firearm AND simultaneously sweeping someone).   - Belligerent attitude or unsportsmanlike conduct.   - Willful failure to comply with a “Cease Fire” or “Stop” command given by, and while under the positive control of the CRO/TO.   - Shooting under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, or any substance or medication that may impair the shooter’s physical or mental abilities.   - A shooter leaving the firing line with an un-cleared, malfunctioning firearm unless under the direct supervision of a Match Official. - Shooting illegal ammunition (e.g., Ammo which exceeds the max velocities, and ringed or necked shotgun shells.  This does not include ammo that does not meet the power factor).   - Dropping a loaded firearm.   - Any discharge that hits the ground or stage prop less than five feet from the shooter.   - Any discharge at the loading or unloading areas.   - Any discharge that is deemed unsafe.   - Sweeping anyone with a loaded firearm.   - Third offense, in the same match, for “shooting out of category.”  - Interpersonal conflicts.    

A Failure to Engage or a Spirit of the Game infraction carries a 30 second penalty.  The accumulation of two Failure to Engage/Spirit of the Game penalties in the same match results in a Match Disqualification Penalty.   - Willfully shooting a stage other than the way it was intended in order to gain a competitive advantage (Spirit of the Game).   - Shooting ammunition that does not meet the power factor or minimum velocity.  The penalty is applied for each stage a competitor is checked and their ammunition is found to not meet the power factor or minimum velocity (Spirit of the Game).   - Willfully refusing to make an attempt to complete any non-shooting procedure written within the stage instructions (Failure to Engage).  

SHB 22-24


We all love our dogs, but good manners are always important.  Especially from the human side. 

Dogs are dogs. 

So in answer to your questions around our slobbering best friend, yes, you may bring your dog.  You as the human though must follow the range rules. 

Make sure your dog is hydrated and has shade at your camp or truck.  We are kinda fussy about that.  So take heed, if we see it, we'll call ya on it.

All dogs must be on leash at all times outside of your camp even Hulahan Bobs dog.

No dogs are allowed under big awning except service dogs or Hulahan Bobs dog when we are eating. 

No dogs are allowed on live firing range, except Hulahan Bobs dog.  

You must pick up your dogs poo.  Even Hulahan Bob has to pick up his dogs poo.

Barking dogs along with their human will be asked to be quiet, second ask, dog will  have to leave.  (For doggie day care, just ask) 

And no, that is not a picture of Hulahan Bob's dog.

$15 Per Day, RV parking includes electric, RV dump and water fill-ups​

$30.00 RV Parking Only--for the weekend

$30.00 Camping (Tent)  Hot Showers Included- for the weekend.